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StockVitals - Enhancing business information

There are many software solutions for the Automotive Factor business. They provide solid functions to allow businesses to manage, sell, buy and regulate their stock, writing all the transactions into a shared database.

Unfortunately, for Managing Directors, who don't use the software day in and day out, getting the precise information they require, quickly, is a technical challenge. If the standard reports aren't suitable for exactly the information they require, then a lengthy and complex process of exporting data to spreadsheets and manipulating them to get the information in the right format to see the current stock positions. If the business has multiple branches then this needed to be done for each branch.

As a result, StockVitals was designed to provide button push simplicity to allow management to monitor realtime information about their businesses stock and sales profiles. The software reads directly from the company's existing database and provides an instant view across the whole business that wasn't available in the the "off the shelf" business application.

The StockVitals project has been an ongoing software development and is constantly being updated as a result of a valuable and constant 2-way communication. For a brief overview of this software, see the video:

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