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Tracking Contact Engagement

A large drugs company wanted to monitor, track and report on the engagement that they had with key opinion leaders in the medical field. They were trying to track how engaged they were with these leaders by counting emails and keeping data on multiple spreadsheets, word documents and other paper files.

After detailed meetings, software was designed and produced which not only stored all the information required on each contact and tracked how often they had been in touch, to what level and more importantly alerted users (via email) when people had NOT been in touch. Using agreed algorithms, the contacts could be rated as to their engagement and the resulting charts within the software provided push button information on who needed more contact, as well as identifying those who were "fully onboard".

The software was fully integrated with Microsoft Office so that email production, multiple email messages, linked documents and spreadsheets could all be tracked within the software. The indexing of email messages within Outlook and the automated communication of data to field representatives (via email and SMS) meant that the whole team could be kept up to date at all times.

As a further development, the database was moved to an online source, and with the correct security protocols, field representatives could query and update the data from mobile devices whilst visiting the contacts using web access software written for the purpose.

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